About Us

Mission Statement

Make Plumbing Great Again.

Core Values

Faith: God has given us breath and life. We have a responsibility to conduct ourselves in a manner that honors Him.

Family: We all wake up and go to work every day because someone else depends on us. Let us commit to giving our families the best part of ourselves and remembering our commitment to them when we face trying times.

Excellence: We are called to be better today than we were yesterday. We are called to be better tomorrow than we are today. We will do everything above the common standard and set the bar higher for our industry.

Guarantees & Warranties

Parts & Labor Warranty: We stand behind our work, which is why all of our plumbing repairs and installations come with a 1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty. In the unlikely event of an issue with our workmanship or a part that we installed, we will return to repair or replace the problem at no additional cost. In addition to this Warranty, our Maintenance Plan Members receive an additional 1 year of warranty on all repairs, for a total of 2 years! Ask our Customer Service Representative how you can join the Club.

Customer Service Guarantee: We genuinely want our clients to have a great experience working with us. In the unlikely event that you have a bad experience with us, you will receive a personal phone call or site visit from the owner of the company, who will do everything in his power to make sure that you walk away satisfied and content!

Meet The Team

Ricky and Jesse

Ricky Cox


Ricky is the owner and founder of Forthright Plumbing. Ricky is a Master Plumber, entrepreneur, and podcaster. His podcast, The Plumber's Journey, chronicles the real stories of plumbers and plumbing professionals with an emphasis on promoting the skilled trades as an excellent alternative to college. The podcast can be heard at Ricky is married to Kary Cox, the other owner of the company. Kary has retired from the company to focus on raising their son.

Jason Monea

Jason is the current service manager and lead technician of Forthright Plumbing. He has over 20 years of experience in the field. He is a Master Plumber and expert tinkerer. His hobbies include watch-making, small engine repair and modification, working on his lifted Ford truck nicknamed "The Pig", and watching the Tampa Bay Lightning play. Jason is a devoted husband and father of two teenage boys.

Mikaela Hutchinson

Mikaela is the primary office staff member and runs everything behind the scenes including answering the phone, scheduling and dispatching plumbers, pulling permits, and running administrative tasks. On the weekends she enjoys camping in the woods with her husband Luc.

Brandon Thompson

Brandon is a plumbing service technician with the company who started as a plumbing apprentice nearly two years ago. He is a fast learner and enjoys learning the trade one day at a time. He has two daughters and enjoys spending time with them.

Jesse Harris

Jesse is a plumbing apprentice who served in the US Marines for four years. He has been with the company as an apprentice close to one year. His hobbies include bodybuilding and weight training.

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Forthright Plumbing
Telephone: 813-300-2225
9258 Lazy Ln Tampa, Fl 33614 
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